Addiction Medicine Updates

Addiction Medicine updates

National Council on Alcoholism

From 1944 until it closed in 2019, the National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence (NCADD) was a well-respected educational, support, and advocacy organization based in New York City that regularly influenced public opinion and legislation to be more favorable toward individuals with serious substance use disorders. Geoff served on (and chaired for 4 years) the Medical-Scientific Committee of NCADD. From 2012 to 2019 he was the principal writer and editor of NCADD Addiction Medicine Updates, a blog on the organization’s website.

More than 40 blogs were posted.  The information was well-received by NCADD’s 90-some national affiliates, and some Updates recycled as articles in local newspapers.  The Update titled “Sedative-Hypnotic Medications: Nothing to be Relaxed About” had over 25,000 views and is included in The Two Pillars of Recovery® Workbook

The Updates are brief, readable, and authoritative, plus convenient to print, which make them ideal educational handouts in healthcare settings.  All the NCADD posts are archived and available on  Here, as Meetinghouse Solutions Addiction Medicine Updates, are several popular articles for you to view and download.

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Meetinghouse Solutions Addiction Medicine Updates

Childhood Matters — Very Much

Educators and clinicians have long recognized that children and youth with social, emotional, and learning problems often experience neglect and abuse in earlier years.  Research now shows that harm associated with traumatic childhood experiences does not end when...

Five Ways You Can Reduce Stigma

Too often society is unfair to people with addiction—a fact that disturbs most people with active addiction, most people who are recovering from addiction, and most people who advocate for those groups.  Fortunately we can do something about it.  Don’t be...

Hope & Caution – for Happy Holidays

As we approach the holiday season—the time of year from Thanksgiving through New Years when "joy" is the word but not necessarily the reality—it's worth reflecting on ways we can protect ourselves and those we care about from inconvenience and tragedy due to use of...

Alcohol and Bodily Harm to Women

Popular belief does not expect women to "hold their liquor" as well as men, and this is one of those instances when science agrees with popular belief. If a man and a woman drink the same amount of alcohol, even if they are equal weight, the woman will have a higher...